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I just thought I’d let everyone know that SpokesCouncil is getting it’s own website.  I’m in the process of putting it together and it might take sometime with all the work I have to do but I’ll get it done.  Also I’m now hosting the blog from the same site.  So I will no long being updating this one anymore.  Please go to the new blog for updates and information regarding Spokescouncil.  I should have a temp site up and running by the end of the week.  Just something to have up while I’m making the actual site more dynamic.   Look forward to fun and great things.


9/16 Meeting

RSO – Spokescouncil is now recognized as a Registered Student Organization at UCF! We are now looking into getting funding, reserving a table for Wednesday tabling, and getting a cubicle in the Student Union.

Meeting with Business Services – We’ll be setting up a meeting to discuss the on-campus bike repair space.

On-campus Shop Planning Meeting – We’ll be drawing up a business plan of some kind at this meeting to present to Business Services. Anyone interested in helping with the on-campus space should attend. Meeting will take place on Monday (9/20) at 6pm. Further details will be sent out through the Spokescouncil listserv.

Rusted Chain Bike Collective – We’ve been contacted through Juan about Rusted Chain scaling down their operation. Brittany will contact Juan for further information. We will try to help out in any way we can.

Craft Day – Brian Homberger is letting us use the button maker. The date is scheduled for next Friday, event will be made on facebook.

Updates – Marcus attended the Environmental Coalition (E.co) meeting. A representative from Dining Services was excited to work with us. We are working with UCF to fix the bike lanes that make riding unsafe, namely near Libra and the intersection of Central Florida Blvd. and Alafaya.

Bike Rack Discussion – We are working with the person in charge of installing bike racks to install the wavy bike racks instead of the metal grate racks. Also, suggestions for places that need bike racks on campus should be posted on the google group discussion page or emailed/messaged to Brian Blackman.

Waiver Forms – We will be making forms that will include a waiver, emergency contact info, and bike registration. Brian will be putting together the form.

Events for this semester – We discussed a Halloween scavenger hunt and Bike Prom. We will look into requesting money from SGA for events. Starting partnerships with bike shops to get prizes such as helmets/lights/bells/locks were discussed.

Spokescouncil Zine – We will be making a small zine that will contain important bike laws/tips for riding/a map to downtown from UCF/effective ways to lock up your bike. Members volunteered to write or draw different sections of the zine. Brittany will draw a comic and the cover, Marcus will write up important bike laws and tips, and Zach will draw how to effectively lock up a bike.

Logo Contest – We will have a contest for a new Spokescouncil logo. The prize will be $25 cash. The deadline for submitting artwork will be October 1st.

Fall Semester Plan

Hey everyone

Just thought I’d jump on and give the update on what’s going on.  Here’s what was talked about today at the meeting.

Spokescouncil Meeting
August 20, 2010

RSO Status – The constitution has been approved however we still need
to get the risk management plan finalized. It’s nearly finished and
after that we just need a few people CPR certified and to have waiver
forms. Waiver forms will be required for people who go on bike rides,
volunteer for shop hours and for people who get their bikes fixed with

Tabling for new student orientation – Sunday August 20 we’ll be set up
outside the student union from 4-6:30 PM. We’ll be doing minor bike
repair and mostly telling people about the club and advertising the
Tuesday night ride.

Wednesday Afternoon ride – Next Wednesday, August 23. We’ll be riding
around campus around noon and ending at the student union. Jordan
will set up an event on Facebook letting people know the details

Zine – We’ll be putting together a zine to give new students
information about biking in this area. We’ll be giving it out while
tabling for orientation and any tabling afterwards. It’ll include info
about the club, Florida bike laws, a bike map to downtown, how to lock
up properly, hand signals and a few other things.

Events for the semester – We’d like to have a big event for the
semester. We’ve done alleycats in the past and could do one again but
are taking any ideas that would be fun. At the meeting we came up with
a Bike Date event (to be described later in detail by Ashley), an
underwear bike ride, and throwing a bike party. We’d like the event
to take place in Oct. or Nov. to give us some planning time.

On Campus Shop Planning – August 22, 7 pm – We have a lot of planning
to do before the shop moves on campus. We need to figure out things
like what tools and supplies are necessary and in general how the shop
will be run. For people interested in helping with this, we are
having an initial meeting before the Tuesday Knight ride at Nikki’s
place. I’ll send out an invite through the listserv soon.

Bike donations – We would like to start getting donations of bikes and
parts. Ryan will be putting up a Craigslist ad and we’ll be talking to
YAYA, who we have been working with to repair bikes. Anyone who has
donations or knows someone who doesn’t ever use their bike, let us
know and we can send someone to pick the stuff up. Also, any ideas to
get the word out that we need bike donations, post it on facebook or
send a message to spokescouncil@gmail.com

Pedicab – We have a pedicab available that we’d like to use to take
people around campus for donations. We need to find out if we are
allowed to do this first but we will eventually need volunteers to
take people around campus. This has the potential to be a huge
fundraiser for the club.

Fundraising ideas –
Selling bumper stickers – Ashley has designed a bumper sticker letting
people know about the 3 ft passing law. With a little bit of initial
funds, we can get stickers printed and have them to sell while tabling
or at other events.
Donations – ACTUALLY putting the donation jar out at shop hours and
Bike artwork – Everyone should make bike related artwork in their free
time and we can have stuff to sell at tabling and events. We’ll have a
craft night sometime soon to make some stuff.
Raffles – we can sell raffle tickets for bikes and other things.
Selling Accessories – setting up seat locks made of chains
Chain bracelets

Putting up flyers in dorms – Ryan will be making a flyer to give to
housing to be put up in the dorms.

Critical Mass ride next week

Figure out a new organizational meeting time

Ride safe


Weekly Meeting Update 5/26/10

· Meeting time change

So we unanimously voted on keeping the meeting time the same. Unfortunately,  Jordan or someone said that that wasn’t ok so everyone who wants to go to  meeting should post suggestions for times and we’ll figure it out somehow. Can we keep it during the day or should we move to evening? Discuss.

· Student Union Fix-ups

Schedules changed a whole bunch but we’d like to try and have hours Tuesday and Wednesday from 10-2. If you can pump up tires, lube chains, change tubes, and  want to help please post what times you can make so we can see if we’ll have  enough people to fill these time slots.

· Fast ride Thursday! Check out Facebook for ride invite

· Critical Mass ride is Friday! Check out Facebook event for details

· Constitution for RSO was submitted yesterday

· Exciting meeting with UCF  people to make a space on campus is on Friday –details to follow

· Shop hours on Walden Woods will be 1-5 Saturday

· Putting bowties on bikes for formal events

· Buying a pump

The shop pump broke but really this whole time it was Ryan’s pump so we’re buying 2 of them, one to replace Ryan’s one that broke and one so that Spokescouncil has one for the shop. We’ll be using moneys from the alleycat.

Long time no see

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last updated the blog.  I’ve been a little busy and so has most of the other folks in the group.  Marcus and Brian have been out of town.  I’ve been working two jobs.  No body knows what the butt Jodi has been up to….so on and so forth.  I have some free time here at work tonight so I decided that I would get around to putting up some pictures from the Alley Cat.  I would also like to take the time to thanks all of the volunteers  for all the help they gave us to make this one of the best experiences ever.  Also a super super thanks to all the sponsors for donating such awesome prizes.  I wish we had been more organized and had gotten all the names of the winners for that I could list them up here.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did stressing over this event.  If so you had a lot of fun cause I was super stressed.

If you didn’t happen to have a chance to come and participate in the event, I’m sorry.  You can still come on our weekly Tuesday Twilight Rides that meet that the Lakanatossa trail head ever week at 8 PM.  We ride at 8:15 sharp!

Happy Trails,



We did it!  The Alley Cat is finally over!  Everything went great and I would like to think everyone for supporting us.  From our Sponsors that gave us some great prizes, to the racers who came out for a good time, to the volunteers who took time out of their schedules to make everything happen.   Not everything went the way it was suppose to go, but it all worked out in the end.  Next year will be even better.  When I have some more time I’m going to get back on here to throw up some pictures for everyone to look at.  I’m sad to say that there aren’t pictures from each station though we got some great ones from the start of the race and from the end.

We are still working on some great things s make sure to check back soon!!


I’d also like everyone to know that we will be having shop hours  and   over the summer so come see us if you need some repairs or just want to kick it with us.

SHOP HOURS:  1-5 PM Saturday

We will also still be running the Tuesday night ride over the summer

RIDE: Tuesday night 8:15 PM

Alley Cat Info

Name: Super Alley Cat 64 Turbo Champion Edition

Where: 12110 Walden Woods Dr Orlando FL (Near UCF)

When: May 1st

Time: Registration 4Pm, Race at 5

Who Can Participate: Anyone and Everyone, all bikes welcome

Cost: $5

Description: Video game themed alley cat,  costumes are encouraged,  good people on a good ride out to have a lot of fun.